Seven Powerful Stories Charities Can Tell

The Golden Theme and how Streets of London showed us that we are all the same

Stories change lives

This is the final part of our series focussing on the most powerful stories charities can tell. 

For hundreds of thousands of years, humans have used stories to connect with each other, to learn important information and to feel part of a shared culture. A love of stories is hard-wired into us and profoundly affects the way we operate in the modern world (for more info on this, and if you like a saucy title, please see the previous blog – Why Stories are just as important as Food and Sex).

Over this blog series we have shared seven of the most powerful story arcs that can help charities cut through the noise to reach and connect with their audience. 

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The seventh and final blog in this series focuses on what unites us all.

Story 7: The golden theme


Stories which show that although some people appear to be very different to us, there is actually more that unites than divides us. These stories have an underlying message: we are all the same. 


Show two things which seem to be very different and then show how they are, in fact, similar. 


Surface level differences are not a problem – it’s our deep emotional traits and values that we want to know others share. 

Why it works

Humans are social creatures. In the ancestral environment, being alone was a quick route to a cold, lonely death. So, we have learnt that being around other people is a good way to stay safe, fed and happy. This means that we are on a constant hunt for evidence that we will be accepted – especially by those who, at first, seem very different to us. 

We all know the emotional pain of being ignored by those who we wish to connect with. We hopefully also know the joy of realising that someone else shares our obscure passion. That is why we seek out stories which highlight our similarities; because they make us feel good. These stories remind us that others are going through the same human experience as us, and that we are part of a tribe which can help, protect and love us.

Charity example

Mainstream example

Twins (1988) Film Poster