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How to SAVE a charity video and make it awesome for an online audience

Edward Dark blog

I have had the pleasure of making dozens of online videos for charities. Over the years I’ve learned how to make videos that work. Our films for UNICEF, Age UK, Friends of the Earth, the National Trust, Scope and many more have had millions of views, shares and likes online. More importantly, they’ve helped these organisations to get vital messages …

How getting emotional can help create shareable online content

Nicky Hawkins and Alexis Kreager blog

By Nicky Hawkins and Alexis Kreager At Catsnake we are often asked what’s made so many of our videos go viral. People want to know if there’s a formula or if its down to luck. The answer is a bit of both. We use the best evidence we can get our grubby paws on then throw in some creative genius …

How to structure an effective Creative Brainstorm

Edward Dark blog

HOW TO STRUCTURE AN EFFECTIVE CREATIVE BRAINSTORM All of our work comes from our creative brainstorming process, which is something we’ve honed over time. Here is our simple four step process that we use to create online viral videos that change hearts, minds and, in their own way, the world: Step One: The Brief It all starts with “who do …