We are leading innovators in the legacy communications sector, providing a wide variety of services from early-stage research, right through to the creation of public-facing assets. Our work has included:

1_Understanding_the_audience_100419Understanding the audience.

Via qualitative focus groups, quantitative online surveys, live A/B tests on social channels and a meta-analysis of existing research.

2_Building_the_proposition_100419Building the proposition.

We create new Gifts in Wills brand propositions that define a client’s work for years to come.

3_Identifying_powerful_narratives_100419Identifying powerful narratives.

We identify and test possible narrative approaches based on academic, industry and internal research.

Creating campaign assets.

We create television commercials, online videos and imagery for national Gifts in Wills campaigns.

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“Working with Catsnake has been an immensely enjoyable and collaborative experience. They are industry leaders in creating engaging and thought-provoking tv ads. The ad was developed completely in lockdown and it is a true reflection of Catsnake’s work that we were able to produce a brilliant piece of work in the end!  It’s always a pleasure to work with the talented Catsnake team who also happen to have a great sense of humour!”

Madhu Parthasarathi, Digital Campaign Manager, Legacies

Case Studies

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“Generations” legacy TV adverts

We have created all of Unicef’s legacy television commercials since 2017, including over 100 videos for social media as well as original photography, cinemagraphs and carousel adverts.

Watch the TV Advert

October 2019 campaign and stewardship plan

A two-part project which involved devising a month-long campaign across print, radio and digital as well as updating and building their digital stewardship journey.

Research and development

Researching Unicef’s audience to generate possible approaches to legacy communication, creating and testing assets to validate the approaches, and building an entirely new proposition for 2020 and beyond.