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Case Studies

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National Trust

For the past five years we have run a training program for staff within the National Trust, from marketing professionals (who are outstanding in their field), through to Rangers (who are quite literally, out standing in their field). So far we have trained over 1,000 staff members via day-long workshops in small groups.

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 Amnesty International UK

We designed and ran a series of training days for the vast majority of Amnesty UK’s staff. We covered methods of communication and re-framing to help them appeal to Britain’s ‘persuadable middle’.

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Background: UNICEF UK were conducting a brand refresh and wanted the process to include a storytelling perspective.

Our work: Catsnake staff joined the internal committee leading the refresh, attending regular on-site meetings and providing advice.  The new brand direction was launched in late-summer 2019.

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“After already establishing a wonderful working relationship through our Gifts-In-Wills team, we asked Catsnake to come in as strategic communications consultants to work on our overall Brand Review at Unicef. The results were fantastic! Our two teams gelled really well together. Catsnake are intelligent, smart and were an integral part of the process. We are delighted with where we have ended up and are equally happy with the work Catsnake did with us.”

Cathy Druce – Head of Strategic Communications and Brand

As well as being pleasingly alliterative, Catsnake’s creative consultancy helps charities to conquer complicated challenges. This includes:

Guided development

A hybrid between our creative development work (i.e. providing finished assets) and our training activity (i.e. lectures and/or workshops). The process allows for the development of creative ideas by the client in-house, with Catsnake playing an advisory role.

14_Storytelling_perspective_100419Storytelling perspective

We can be on-hand to advise on plans, work and strategies from a storytelling perspective. This works especially well when Catsnake joins an internal team or committee, because the debate is as valuable as the final outcome.

15_Identifying_stories_100419Identifying stories

Some organisations have the talent, resources and desire to tell better stories, but need support in identifying which stories to focus on. We can help by auditing the possibilities and providing advice on using them.

16_Structured_brainstorming_100419Structured brainstorming

We coach teams in the brainstorming techniques and systems we have developed to generate our award-winning creative work.

23_Growth_and_capacity_building_100419Growth and capacity building.

Internal training programmes aimed at expanding the capacity of staff to come up with creative ideas, drive action, and generally communicate with a range of audiences (whether they be friendly, indifferent or hostile).