Adaptive Acquisition

Case Studies

We have run three Adaptive Acquisition campaigns for the RSPB Legacy Department. The initial campaign produced 763 total leads at a CPA of £39.69. Since that first campaign we’ve run three additional campaigns using the proven performance content and targeting, delivering 3,624 further leads at an average CPA of just £12.42.

Having optimised the campaign system over previous campaigns the initial campaign was able to generate leads at an average of £14.45, delivering a total of 4,846 leads over the eight week campaign for the WWF Gifts-in-Wills team. 

Scope = Equality for Disabled People

“The Adaptive Acquisition Campaign was the most innovative and strategic pieces of legacy marketing Scope has carried out to date.  Delivering such an intense campaign for the first time was always going to be a challenge but Catsnake helped and supported us all the way.  Their knowledge and expertise inspired confidence in the team and we felt like we were in safe hands.  We were delighted with the outcomes as we almost doubled our target for the number of new legacy leads at a cost per lead far lower than expected.  Beyond the stats, the true value from this campaign is the audience insight it generated. It has really helped us to understand our digital audiences for legacies and what messaging works best.  So much so that we have taken the model and immediately applied it to our current Facebook paid ad campaign which continues to perform well.”

Barry Hunt – Legacy & In Memory Lead – Scope

Adaptive Acquisition is a targeted digital acquisition tool. 

It uses social media targeting and an adaptive test and learn structure, to minimise cost per acquisition (CPA), and maximise low-cost conversions. 

Additionally, it reveals audience interests, habits, and motivations, provides a range of demographic data and helps develop ideal messaging formulations, whilst also providing a library of proven-performance content and targeting for low-cost, high-return future campaigning. 

In short, it delivers:

23_Growth_and_capacity_building_100419Lost Cost Leads:

our current average across all campaigns is a CPA of £15.74.

18_Research_led_100419Tested and Proven Content:

that will work for your audience in the future. 

6_Audience_led_100419Audience Insights:

including which stories, emotions, images and themes work best for your target audience.