Adaptive Acquisition

Case Studies


We have run three Adaptive Acquisition campaigns for the RSPB Legacy Department. The initial campaign produced 763 total leads at a CPA of £39.69. Since that first campaign we’ve run three additional campaigns using the proven performance content and targeting, delivering 3,624 further leads at an average CPA of just £12.42.

Having optimised the campaign system over previous campaigns the initial campaign was able to generate leads at an average of £14.45, delivering a total of 4,846 leads over the eight week campaign for the WWF Gifts-in-Wills team. 

Building on the success of Adaptive Acquisition as a Legacy acquisition tool, we’re about to begin a new campaign for St Mungo’s using the same campaign system to deliver low-cost individual giving and regular donation leads. 

“The RSPB have been working with Catsnake since November 2019 on our adaptive acquisition campaign. From pitch to execution, we have been nothing but impressed with their organisation and professionalism. From careful planning and meticulous analysis of our organisation, the results they have achieved have far exceeded our expectations.

We have gone on to work with them on further acquisition campaigns and will continue to bring them in on future projects knowing that we are in safe hands with their superior creative problem solving. The whole team have been a joy to work with and I would highly recommend them to any other charity interested in bringing in external expertise.”

Karen Denton – Direct Marketing Manager – Legacies at RSPB

Adaptive Acquisition is a targeted digital acquisition tool. 

It uses social media targeting and an adaptive test and learn structure, to minimise cost per acquisition (CPA), and maximise low-cost conversions. 

Additionally, it reveals audience interests, habits, and motivations, provides a range of demographic data and helps develop ideal messaging formulations, whilst also providing a library of proven-performance content and targeting for low-cost, high-return future campaigning. 

In short, it delivers:

23_Growth_and_capacity_building_100419Lost Cost Leads:

our current average across all campaigns is a CPA of £15.74.

18_Research_led_100419Tested and Proven Content:

that will work for your audience in the future. 

6_Audience_led_100419Audience Insights:

including which stories, emotions, images and themes work best for your target audience.