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At Catsnake we have a deep love for storytelling. Stories can entertain, educate, influence, move, tickle and delight all at once. Our work combines storytelling, psychology and spectacle to communicate ideas and messages for both brands and charities.

Stories have been shared in every culture throughout human history as a way of entertaining, bonding and passing on truths. They tap into a part of our brain, known as the limbic system, which evolved long before language. The limbic system is responsible for the most important decisions we make. It’s what is at work when you say something "feels wrong” or when you believe something you can’t rationally explain. On a deep primal level we all enjoy stories, because they have helped us evolve and survive through the ages.

A good story well-told makes our brain simulate what it would be like to live those events. Our body can’t tell the difference, so it reacts as it would in real-life. This is why a horror film is scary, despite not presenting any danger.

Evolution has made the three most important things in life deeply enjoyable ... fuel, procreation and survival have become cuisine, sex and stories. Each taps into a raw human desire and fulfilling them gives us a kind of happiness hundreds of thousands of years in the making.

So, if we want to communicate facts or information, then stories are the most powerful vessel to use. Plus they’re fun!

How We Work.

  • The cosmological 'Theory of Everything' production was Lovestruck's first foray into the world of film, and we can thank our lucky stars that Stephen and Ed were at the helm. Straight from our initial meeting, it became clear that we were dealing with the finest exponents of their craft. Everything from the beautifully crafted – and factually correct – script, the ultra-professional organisation and day of filming and the resourceful way in which they leveraged contacts for both meeting budget and seeding the film. They are fanatical in their attention to detail (possibly bordering professional OCD), the result of which will be a production you'll be proud of. Work with them”
    Brett Harding, MD and Co-Founder of Lovestruck
  • We were immensely impressed with the team at Catsnake, and the videos they produced exceeded all expectations. The production team is packed with energy and expertise, and despite the tough constraints of our project showed considerable creativity in filming and editing. Working with our busy scientists, few with previous experience on screen, the crew quickly put our participants at ease and brought out the best in our staff. The crew seized every opportunity to collect the unplanned footage which made the final cut perfect.
    Kathryn Hall, Head of Digital and Publications at The Institute of Cancer Research
  • With much enthusiasm, creativity and relentless hard work, Catsnake gave us ‘The Secrets of Food Marketing’, a film that has attracted an amazing 7.1 million views – and counting! Catsnake are an agency who definitely promise a lot and still blow your expectations to smithereens (in a good way)
    Sophie Baden, Direct Marketing Co-ordinator at Compassion in World Farming
  • Every now and then in life things line up and you find truly dedicated, talented and lovely people who do what they say they are going to do and more! When this happens the whole world feels good and magic is created. Catsnake are my kind of people and I can not recommend them highly enough.
    Emma Cannon, Fertility to Family
  • Catsnake are more than filmmakers. They are genius storytellers who can capture the hearts and minds of an audience and motivate people not just to listen, but to take action for what they believe in.
    Paul Skinner, Pimp My Cause
  • We jumped at the chance to work with Catsnake because it is obvious from a glimpse at their films that they know exactly how to tell stories which engage and move people.

    We expected creativity and technical know-how. What we weren't prepared for was the level of care, passion and dedication the Catsnake team showed throughout the project.

    No wonder their films work! They are an inspiration.
    Dave Titmas, Communications Manager, SHP
  • The lovely people at Catsnake have made some wonderful films over the years, from ‘A Love Story In Milk’ to the charming ‘Theory of Everything’.

    I was proud to be involved with ‘Two Words’ and can’t wait to see what they produce next
    Stephen Fry
  • Catsnake is by far and away the best production company I’ve ever worked with.

    They’re a rare combination of creative and practical – they make breathtaking ideas work in real life.

    Their films succeed in going viral where so many fail because they make people care
    Nicky Stocks, Head of Media, Sustrans
  • Having worked with Catsnake on a couple of Friends of the Earth films, I can honestly say that these are guys who deliver every time and in every way!

    Catsnake really ‘get’ what we’re about and have been able to produce exciting and intrusive films for us that viewers and supporters really love – I couldn’t ask for more.
    Glen Colegate, Creative Director, Friends of the Earth
  • I am grateful that we had the opportunity to work with such a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced film production team.

    All the work performed was carefully planned, and meticulously executed, reaching far beyond the objectives. You have a friend in Panasonic, and a satisfied customer.
    Art Trejo, Technical Sales & Marketing Manager, Panasonic