“When I looked up Catsnake, as you are now, I underestimated them. They don’t make good online videos. They make amazing ones. And they’ve learnt quickly how to create a leading digital campaign for social change. And they’re brilliant to work with. I feel they are true and trusted partners: we share the same goals, the same blood, sweat and tears, and are achieving amazingly together. Please DON’T hire them — so they are free to work with us on our next project.”Joe Hall – National Campaigns Manager at Scope

Scope logo
Scope commissioned us to design and run their flagship campaign to fight cuts to care for disabled people.

Our ‘Britain Cares’ campaign involved a number of online and offline activities over six months. The film ‘Two Words’ took centre stage. Due to an unexpected change in parliamentary scheduling, we had to write, create and deliver it within two weeks.

The Britain Cares campaign was a major force in the public conversation around the funding of social care.

Because of our campaign, and other activity around the time, the government allocated an additional £2 billion to social care for people with disabilities.

Two Words can Change the World was inducted into the BFI Archive in 2014.