“We jumped at the chance to work with Catsnake because it is obvious from a glimpse at their films that they know exactly how to tell stories which engage and move people.
We expected creativity and technical know-how. What we weren’t prepared for was the level of care, passion and dedication the Catsnake team showed throughout the project.

No wonder their films work! They are an inspiration.”Dave Titmas, Communications Manager, SHP

Created for the Single Homeless Project (SHP) to highlight the positive future which is possible for homeless people living in London.
A Pro Bono film we produced after a nationwide competition run by Pimp my Cause to help out a smaller charity.

Our extensive audience research revealed the common thread among homeless people – missing their family the most. We wrote a short musical piece that focused on the recovery from the streets back to the family with the help of SHP.

The video has been used by SHP at multiple conferences and was shared by Stephen Fry.