The secrets of food marketing

“With much enthusiasm, creativity and relentless hard work, Catsnake gave us ‘The Secrets of Food Marketing’, a film that has attracted an amazing 8.4 million views – and counting! Catsnake are an agency who definitely promise a lot and still blow your expectations to smithereens (in a good way)”Sophie Baden, Direct Marketing Co-ordinator at Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in world farming
Compassion in World Farming wanted to spark debate about the ethics of modern farming methods and food labelling.

Having previously used shocking factory farming footage to cause outrage, CiWF wanted a creative approach that would be watched and shared by everyone, not just their existing supporters.

With 8.5 million views, this film has increased subscriptions to the CIWF channel by 3,000 and generated 13,000 new sign-ups to the campaign mailing list. 99.96% of views came from people who were not CiWF subscribers.

A high proportion of the comments on the film on social media see people debating the ethics of farming methods – a key requirement of the original brief.

The film was shared by multiple celebrities including Andie McDowell and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul . It also made Upworthy’s top ten videos of 2014 and was voted their most “eye-opening post” that year.

The Secrets of Food Marketing was inducted into the BFI Archive in 2014.