“We have been running a programme of content training in the National Trust for two years. Stephen’s presentation on story-telling is always a highlight for the delegates. They love his combination of expert theory and practical guidance backed up by superb videos that make you laugh and cry. Our ability to tell our wonderful, authentic stories through our own content is central to the success of our communications strategy, Catsnake have been helping us achieve that.”Daniel Dodd, Director of Communications & Content, National Trust.

The National Trust began an organisation-wide storytelling program. They wanted their staff to harness the power of stories online and offline at their properties.

They commissioned us to make a short video explaining the power of stories and their cultural significance for the Trust.

Sir Ian McKellen agreed to come on board because he “loved the message” our script embodied. Originally intended to be internal comms, the National Trust were so pleased with the finished product that they decided to make it public.

The National Trust use the film as a central pillar of their training. They also regularly commission our popular storytelling talk for staff around the UK. The film has also been shared by Elijah Wood and numerous storytelling experts.