“Working with Catsnake was a pleasure from start to finish. We came to them with a complicated brief – to explain restorative justice, a technically complex and largely unknown process by which victims of crime can meet their offender to explain the impact of the crime.
Catsnake immediately understood the challenges of reaching the target audience and worked with us to create a narrative which spoke directly to the emotional and psychological needs of victims. They listened carefully to our requirements, many of which were entirely at odds with creating an impactful film, and still came up with a concept which worked brilliantly.
In addition to their total professionalism as a production company, Catsnake’s strength lies in their ability to engage viewers with intelligent, highly crafted storytelling. We learned a lot from working with them, and hope to do so again in future.”Safi Schlicht - Head of Communications, Policy and Stakeholder Engagement at Restorative Justice Council

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Our brief was to create a film that would encourage victims of crime to explore restorative justice, while positioning the Restorative Justice Council as the experts in their sector
Moving On brought a human and personal approach to the complex idea of restorative justice. The film has succeeded in helping the RJC to explain what they do and encourage people to use their method. It’s been viewed over 111,000 times.