“Every now and then in life things line up and you find truly dedicated, talented and lovely people who do what they say they are going to do and more! When this happens the whole world feels good and magic is created. Catsnake are my kind of people and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”Emma Cannon, Fertility to Family

Emma Cannon
Emma Cannon (Fertility to Family) came to us and asked for a film that encouraged people to talk about their fertility struggles and to promote the work she does with people trying to conceive.

She specifically wanted us to address the psychological barrier some people face when trying to conceive.

Our in-depth audience research revealed the same heartbreaking stories being told again and again. People felt they were the only ones who had negative feelings and saw infertility as an extremely lonely experience.

The film has been shared on multiple fertility forums, the popular viral video promoter Omeletto and is used at Fertility conferences around the UK.