Charles’ Story

“Charles, the film made for us by Catsnake, has been a fantastic communications product. It is the most viewed film we’ve ever released, having been widely shared by our supporters and beyond. It’s reached around 1.6 million people online and we continue to show it at a wide range of meetings and events.”Caroline Abrahams, Age UK Charity Director

Equally ours logoAge UK logo
Charles was commissioned by Age UK and Equally Ours, a campaign focused on changing perceptions of human rights in the UK. This made for a complicated brief with multiple objectives and stakeholders.

The brief asked us to engage the 40 per cent of people in the UK that are open to viewing human rights more positively. We were to make people care about the rights of older people without being sensationalist or shocking.

The film proved to be a hit with the target audience and received a large number of supportive and emotional responses. It received over 300,000 organic views online in its first week of release alone and almost 15,500 shares on Facebook (where it was designed to live).

Age UK now use this film to begin many of their talks, meetings or conferences as a powerful expression of their overall message.