UNICEF Case study

The brief

In April 2020, UNICEF asked us to develop a new television commercial for their legacy department, to replace our previous ‘Generations’ spot.

The aims were to attract new legacy enquirers and to launch the Legacy Proposition we created for UNICEF the year before.

Our approach

Analytically audience First

All our films put the audience and their motivations front and centre. Our research revealed two key UNICEF legacy audience motivators:

  1. Our audience wanted to feel like their gift would have a real and transformative impact on the lives of children in need. So we needed to intuitively convey a direct link between the act of making a Will and impact it would have.
  2. Potential legators were also inspired by the idea that they could become part of a larger community, bonded by common values and goals, and together committed to making a lasting difference for children around the world.

Powerful creative ideas

For UNICEF, the key creative challenge was ensuring that both the pledger and children were at the heart of the message, despite having very different situations, locations and needs. Therefore all creative ideas needed to have a clear, credible link between these worlds.

Range of options

We always provide a range of ideas to clients, each encompassing a distinct creative direction. Four ideas were presented to UNICEF, each with a concept, voiceover, visual references, budget and extension options. They ranged from light and fun to inspiring and philosophical, with different emotional framings and narrative approaches, but every one had to pass the logical tests established in our initial analytical phase.

Real-world ready

All our pitched ideas have been budgeted and scheduled before they reach the client for consideration. This ensures that they are achievable, appropriate and the client has all the information they need to make an informed decision. This project took place in the first month of the COVID-19 lockdown, meaning there was a great deal of uncertainty as to what production activities would be possible. So we ensured that each creative concept could be achieved without the need for new footage or imagery.

Building flex

Consideration is also given to how the creative ideas will translate to other platforms. UNICEF chose a multichannel approach, so we provided examples of how each idea could be used on social media and in print. Given the pandemic meant that no new photos or videos could be created, a strong unique visual style was essential to ensure cut-through on these additional platforms.

Bringing it to life

The combination of archive footage and animation needed for this film required particularly intricate planning. Through a detailed storyboarding process we mapped out each moment of the story, working closely with UNICEF to refine and develop the script, before the elements were brought together, the voiceover was recorded and the final film came to life.

The results

During the first run of the TV commercial in September 2020, quantitative pre and post-wave trackers revealed:

  • 16% cut through
  • 35% spontaneous brand association
  • 81% ad standout
  • 31% ad persuasion
Unicef logo

“Working with Catsnake has been an immensely enjoyable and collaborative experience. They are industry leaders in creating engaging and thought-provoking TV ads. The ad was developed completely in lockdown and it is a true reflection of Catsnake’s work that we were able to produce a brilliant piece of work in the end! It’s always a pleasure to work with the talented Catsnake team who also happen to have a great sense of humour.”
Madhu Parthasarathi – Digital Campaign Manager, Legacies at Unicef UK