Writer/Strategist or Designer/Strategist

Job description

We are looking for creatives who can craft compelling and persuasive narratives, create beautiful and impactful content, and/or design efficient and effective strategies, to build our roster of freelance strategists, designers and writers.

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About us

Catsnake is a story agency for the third sector – we use a combination of storytelling, in depth research, behavioural psychology and rigorous creative systems to produce campaigns, films and strategies for charities and causes, like Unicef, WWF, RSPB, Scope, Amnesty, the National Trust and ARUK.

Our focus is on telling stories that change beliefs and behaviour. We believe deeply in the power of narratives to engage, entertain, and lead to positive change for our communities, our environment and our collective future.

We are fuelled by integrity, imagination and lots of cups of tea.

The Job

Periodically we try to refresh and build our roster of talented, imaginative and hard-working creatives. In particular, we’re looking for creative strategists with experience in either narrative arts (writing/storytelling) or visual arts (design/filmmaking).

We try to ensure all our creatives work on projects which best suit their unique skillsets, experience and passions. Because we work on a wide range of campaigns and tell stories across many mediums, this role is not for a specific type of work, but rather to be added to our regular roster of creatives.

Roles will range from leading and managing projects to participating in brainstorms and creating content as part of larger campaigns. But once on the roster, you’ll always be able to select projects on a case-by-case basis.

However, all our work requires three key phases:

Analysis of Learning – All our work starts with a client brief and a whole pile of research from academic, industry and client sources. The first stage is digesting this information to build up a detailed view of the challenge at the heart of the project.

Brainstorms – Then it’s into three-person brainstorms to break down the kinds of stories which would motivate the audience to take the required action, and then finding or crafting stories which fit this brief.

Content Creation – Finally, it will require the creation of content and assets for the final campaign. These usually consist of use guides and toolkits, or film scripts, copy and designed assets, but can be unique to the needs of the project too.


Interests – A passion for storytelling and a deep understanding of the impact of narrative on beliefs, behaviour and action.

Research – The ability to consume, condense and critically examine wide ranging research sources. This includes data, academic literature and industry sources.

Critical and Creative Thinking – All our work consists of both a logical and creative phase, so a balance of critical thinking and creative skills is crucial.

Writing/Design – Experience creating either written or visual content for third sector campaigns, across a range of mediums and purposes. Proficiency and experience in either scriptwriting/copywriting OR industry standard design tools is a requirement.

Brainstorms – Communal creative work is central to our projects. All projects involve brainstorms with other creatives, so you’ll need to be confident and eloquent in expressing your ideas (even the bad ones) and exploring potentially uncomfortable subject matter.

Curiosity – Curiosity is the only necessity for all our work. We want to be endlessly learning, improving, challenging ourselves and our beliefs, and expanding our perspectives, and we need all our creatives to be doing the same.

Additional skills and experience

A number of further skills/experience would also be valuable but are far from a necessity:

Research – Experience conducting wide ranging literature reviews and working with large data sets.

Testing and Focus Groups – Experience running or assisting on qualitative/quantitative content testing or audience research and segmentation projects.

It’s also important to note that, although relevant, academic qualifications will never be a deal breaker for us. We are looking for highly intelligent candidates who are skilled at understanding stories through the lens of human motivation, your background and how you reached this point does not have to be limited to (or even come through) the academic world, if you can demonstrate your abilities in other ways.

The process

To apply, please email [email protected] with the subject heading as either “Writer/Strategist – [Your name]” or “Designer/Strategist – [Your name]” and include a CV and a brief cover letter (no more than 500 words, tell us a little about yourself and why you’re interested in the role).

If samples of previous work or a link to a portfolio are available, please also share those. Finally, please also state your typical day rate(s) for this work.

We’ll then contact you for an initial interview. Thanks!

The deadline to apply is Sunday 17 October 2021.