National Trust

Internal training video produced for the National Trust featuring Sir Ian McKellen. The film has been shared by Elijah Wood and numerous storytelling experts.

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Friends of the Earth

Two films, 18+ Million views, winner of numerous industry awards including IVCA ‘Best Viral’, Vimeo ‘Staff Pick’, and promoted by the United Nations.

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“Charles” exceeded 100,000 views in under a week and, to date, the film has over 518,000 views collectively over Youtube and Facebook.

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Compassion in World Farming

Four films ranging from viral sensations to petitions to awareness raising. They have reached 29 million+ views and are CiWF’s most successful films to date.

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UNICEF Generations

National TV advert for legacy giving. Has significantly increased CTR, decreased CPA and has been tweaked over the years in response to audience testing.

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Beautiful stop-motion animation encouraging audiences to sign a petition to help protect our oceans.

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Narration by Stephen Fry and part of Catsnake’s ‘Britain Cares’ multi-platform campaign for Scope that helped secure an extra £2 billion in funding from the Government for Social Care.

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Restorative Justice Council

Our Moving On film brought a human and personal approach to the complex issue of restorative justice and has been viewed over 145,000 times.

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Emma Cannon

The amazing true stories of people starting a life together.

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Twelve Months

Pro bono charity film, promoted by Stephen Fry.

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Jaguar Land Rover

Two videos for Jaguar Land Rover encouraging young girls to explore and become engineers.

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OCD Action

The stories of young people with OCD. Currently being used as an educational tool to help support other professionals and families.

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We created over 50 films across four languages, as well as social media images, successfully encouraging over 1 million people to sign an ECI petition.

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Royal British Legion

An awareness film for young ex-service personnel to let them know that RBL are there to support them with the challenging transition into civilian life.

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Mum and You

Series of videos with a Mum revealing the ethical and practical benefits of Mum&You’s products, whilst tackling the humorous realities of being a new mother.

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