What our clients say about us

“We have loved working with Catsnake this year on our new Gifts in Wills TV advert. Their attention to detail and level of research done before responding to the brief was impressive and creatively, they brought something new to the table! Ed, Stephen and the team are enthusiastic and innovative, whilst remaining true to the brand in their delivery. The whole process has felt like a seamless collaboration and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.” Nathalie Ormrod - Digital Campaign Manager - Gifts in Wills at UNICEF UK
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Working with Catsnake has not only been fantastic, they have taught me new things and new ways of seeing stories. They really understand the power of storytelling and the psychological nature of what makes audiences watch, share and take action. To date Catsnake have created multiple pieces of content for our CSR, Marketing and PR teams as well as delivering Consultancy work in the form of storytelling workshops, presentations and creative brainstorms. Through the power of story telling they have become part of our team and can’t wait for that relationship to continue.
Michelle Blaydon, Corporate Storyteller at Jaguar Land Rover.
“I can’t recommend Catsnake enough. Starting with digging through reams of our insight and research, to the production values of the finished product, the Catsnake team have delivered a number of projects for me now which have always been executed perfectly, on time and on budget. Friendly, professional and with a way of finding the emotional hook needed to hang a narrative on, their storytelling prowess always impresses me and the output is consistently better than I thought it could be. Whether it’s turning a tricky commercial objective into an engaging and entertaining piece of content, creating a Mexican wrestling royal rumble, or creating scripts and characters for talking toilets, I’m yet to find something that they can’t turn into gold. A combination of excellent technical knowledge, a great sense of humour and a real passion and enthusiasm for what they do (and how they do it), means they’re my go-to company for making compelling, powerful and story-led video content.”Nick Steer - Brand Design & Content Manager at Virgin Trains
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“It has been a pleasure working with Catsnake. Not only did we end up with two great videos, but we also learned a lot about how these are actually made. I am also grateful for all the creative/intellectual output which has gone into both films, and the extra mile Catsnake went producing the “Voice of Youth” video (in a politically highly charged and fragile environment). We look forward to working with Catsnake in the future when the opportunity arises.”Daniel Ambrus - Head of Communication, Networks and Partnerships Representation of the European Commission in the UK
“Working with Catsnake was a pleasure from start to finish. We came to them with a complicated brief – to explain restorative justice, a technically complex and largely unknown process by which victims of crime can meet their offender to explain the impact of the crime. Catsnake immediately understood the challenges of reaching the target audience and worked with us to create a narrative which spoke directly to the emotional and psychological needs of victims. They listened carefully to our requirements, many of which were entirely at odds with creating an impactful film, and still came up with a concept which worked brilliantly. In addition to their total professionalism as a production company, Catsnake’s strength lies in their ability to engage viewers with intelligent, highly crafted storytelling. We learned a lot from working with them, and hope to do so again in future.”Safi Schlicht - Head of Communications, Policy and Stakeholder Engagement at Restorative Justice Council
Restorative Justice Council
Compassion in world farming
“Working with Catsnake (over several projects – you can take that as a good sign in itself) is always equal parts thrilling and challenging. You never know what you’re gonna get! But you can rely on Ed and Stephen to tell an entirely different story to the one you thought you wanted whilst bringing your audience to the agreed destination on time, on budget, and en masse! “Dave Beynon - Head Of Digital at Compassion in World Farming
“The cosmological ‘Theory of Everything’ production was Lovestruck’s first foray into the world of film, and we can thank our lucky stars that Stephen and Ed were at the helm. Straight from our initial meeting, it became clear that we were dealing with the finest exponents of their craft. Everything from the beautifully crafted –and factually correct – script, the ultra-professional organisation and day of filming and the resourceful way in which they leveraged contacts for both meeting budget and seeding the film. They are fanatical in their attention to detail (possibly bordering professional OCD), the result of which will be a production you’ll be proud of. Work with them.”Brett Harding, MD and Co-Founder of Lovestruck
Emma Cannon, Fertility to family
“Every now and then in life things line up and you find truly dedicated, talented and lovely people who do what they say they are going to do and more! When this happens the whole world feels good and magic is created. Catsnake are my kind of people and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”Emma Cannon, Fertility to Family
“With much enthusiasm, creativity and relentless hard work, Catsnake gave us The Secrets of Food Marketing, a film that has attracted an amazing 7.1 million views – and counting! Catsnake are an agency who definitely promise a lot and still blow your expectations to smithereens (in a good way) “Sophie Baden, Direct Marketing Co-ordinator at Compassion in World Farming
Compassion in World Farming
Stephen Fry
“The lovely people at Catsnake have made some wonderful films over the years, from A Love Story In Milk to the charming Theory of Everything. I was proud to be involved with Two Words and cant wait to see what they produce next “Stephen Fry
“We jumped at the chance to work with Catsnake because it is obvious from a glimpse at their films that they know exactly how to tell stories which engage and move people. We expected creativity and technical know-how. What we weren’t prepared for was the level of care, passion and dedication the Catsnake team showed throughout the project. No wonder their films work! They are an inspiration.”Dave Titmas, Communications Manager, SHP
The Institute of Cancer Research
“We were immensely impressed with the team at Catsnake, and the videos they produced exceeded all expectations. The production team is packed with energy and expertise, and despite the tough constraints of our project showed considerable creativity in filming and editing. Working with our busy scientists, few with previous experience on screen, the crew quickly put our participants at ease and brought out the best in our staff. The crew seized every opportunity to collect the unplanned footage which made the final cut perfect.”Kathryn Hall, Head of Digital and Publications at The Institute of Cancer Research
“I am grateful that we had the opportunity to work with such a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced film production team. All the work performed was carefully planned, and meticulously executed, reaching far beyond the objectives. You have a friend in Panasonic, and a satisfied customer.”Art Trejo, Technical Sales & Marketing Manager, Panasonic
“Catsnake are more than filmmakers. They are genius storytellers who can capture the hearts and minds of an audience and motivate people not just to listen, but to take action for what they believe in.”Paul Skinner, Pimp My Cause
“Catsnake is by far and away the best production company I’ve ever worked with. They’re a rare combination of creative and practical – they make breath-taking ideas work in real life. Their films succeed in going viral where so many fail because they make people care.”Nicky Stocks, Head of Media, Sustrans
Friends of the Earth
“Having worked with Catsnake on a couple of Friends of the Earth films, I can honestly say that these are guys who deliver every time and in every way!

Catsnake really get what we’re about and have been able to produce exciting and intrusive films for us that viewers and supporters really love – I couldn’t ask for more.”Glen Colegate, Creative Director, Friends of the Earth

“It’s rare that you experience a presentation that completely changes the way you think about a subject. But that’s exactly what I got from Stephen’s fantastic talk on the principles and value of good storytelling. Stephen is such an entertaining and informative speaker. His unique perspective on telling stories is fascinating and insightful and is packed with practical advice. I recommend this talk to anyone interested in making their stories work, whatever the context.”Tim Tucker, Consultant for the CMA (Content Marketing Association)
Content Marketing Association
Porter Novelli
“Insightful & Engaging – I give Catsnake five thumbs up! Stephen captives the audience and takes them on a journey of discovery. I have seen the talk three times now and like a good movie, I uncover something new each time. I would recommend the talk to anyone looking to learn about storytelling and why we share stories –whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, you will come away knowledgeable and excited.”Porter Novelli – Simon Sanett, Head of Digital Strategy
“Catsnake helped us with some crucial video content for our new LMS platform. Many of our customer base have never used this type of platform and we needed to make some instructional video content to help users ‘not be scared’ of the online system. Catsnake’s approach really helped to guide us to ‘keep it simple’ and produced graphics that were engaging, friendly and approachable. The additional film content also developed on the Kennel Club Academy also followed a considered formulae with careful steady delivery supporting the learner through their journey. The feedback on our materials has been excellent. The team at Catsnake are brilliant fun to work with whilst providing great feedback and guidance to ensure we get a great product based on our knowledge on content and Catsnake’s expertise in delivering content.”Helen Fox - Marketing & Business Development Executive at The Kennel Club
The Kennel Club
National Trust
“We have been running a programme of content training in the National Trust for two years. Stephen’s presentation on story-telling is always a highlight for the delegates. They love his combination of expert theory and practical guidance, backed up by superb videos that make you laugh and cry. Our ability to tell our wonderful, authentic stories through our own content is central to the success of our communications strategy, Catsnake have been helping us achieve that.”Daniel Dodd, Director of Communications & Content, National Trust.
“Catsnake gave a great presentation on storytelling at our 2015 conference ‘PR in the digital age’ – it was fun, entertaining and thought-provoking, and provided an uplifting closing session for the event, with very positive feedback from delegates. We were really pleased to invite him back to close our first-ever small charities communications conference this year. “Jess Day – Event Planner at Charity Comms
Charity Comms
“When I looked up Catsnake, as you are now, I underestimated them. They don’t make good online videos. They make amazing ones. And they’ve learnt quickly how to create a leading digital campaign for social change. And they’re brilliant to work with. I feel they are true and trusted partners: we share the same goals,
the same blood, sweat and tears, and are achieving amazingly together. Please DON’T hire them — so they are free to work with us on our next project.”Joe Hall – National Campaigns Manager at Scope