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Case Studies

“Britain Cares”

Aim: To show MPs in marginal constituencies that the public cares about people with disabilities, in an effort to prevent expected cuts to social care funding.

Result: We developed the “Britain Cares” campaign, asking the public to share a photo on our custom-built user-generated content platform. Due to an unexpected change in the government’s schedule, the main film had to be created in under two weeks, including negotiating and recording a voiceover by Stephen Fry. Later that year, not only did the government not cut funding for social care for people with disabilities as expected, but in fact allocated an additional £2 billion. 

Compassion in World Farming logo

“Rethink Fish”

Aim: Raise awareness of fish sentience by “inspiring and intriguing the public” in a campaign which can flex across seven European countries.

Result: The ‘ReThink Fish’ ( campaign included a hero film, logo, brand guidelines and key messaging.

Healthwatch logo

“Then What?”

Aim: To develop a brand, messaging and artwork for a campaign around what happens to patients after they leave hospital, previously referred to as the “unsafe discharge campaign” before our work.

Result: We created the entire campaign and branding in less than two weeks, under the banner of ‘Then W.h.a.t (What happens after treatment)?’

Scope = Equality for Disabled People

“They’re brilliant to work with. I feel they are true and trusted partners: we share the same goals, the same blood, sweat and tears, and are achieving amazingly together. Please DON’T hire them — so they are free to work with us on our next project.”

Joe Hall, National Campaigns Manager at Scope

Our campaign creation has covered funds, fish, and Fry (Stephen), asking the public to use their signatures, selfies and synapses for a variety of good causes.

9_The_whole_process_100419The whole process.

Our campaign work can include the entire process from audience research, brand generation, creative development, asset production, to public broadcast, campaign management, and post-campaign reporting.

10_Highly_flexible_and_collaborative_100419Highly flexible and collaborative.

Our research-based approach and creative philosophy mean that our campaign work is highly collaborative. Clients can have the level of control they desire over the direction and execution of the campaign.

11_Online_and_offline_100419Online and offline.

Our campaign work has included both online platforms (video, social and petitions) and offline (live events and in high street shops).

12_International_campaigns_100419International campaigns.

We are often asked to ensure that our campaigns work across multiple countries and in numerous languages.