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What we love to see in a TV ad brief

Every great TV advert starts with a brief, but what makes a great brief? Find out in this short, sweet, 3 minute read, which lists everything you’d need to include to help us really to get know your charity, and come up with compelling TV ad creatives.

Still from RSPB 'Time Flies' showing an animated blue tit fledging perching on a bird bath

Case Study Conversations: Legacy TV Advertising with the RSPB

The RSPB’s Vicki O’Hare and our co-founder Stephen Follows discuss the experience of Catsnake: The Story Agency creating the RSPB’s first ever legacy TV advert. From her hopes for what a TV advert could do for RSPB legacy to how Catsnake won and delivered the work, they look back on a cherished collaboration.

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Catsnake Explains: Legacy Propositions

What is a Legacy Proposition? And why is it vital to legacy fundraising? Read on to find out, and learn what makes a powerful proposition that will unify and uplift your legacy campaigns and stewardship.